Fabian Waldner

"I am currently studying classical painting and drawing in Oslo, Norway.

Peter asked me in 2011 to create an image for each of the songs (except the 'Valentine of Milan') in his and his friend's upcoming album. I accepted, happily unaware of the rather large undertaking in creating a dozen or so pieces.

Trying to interpret music unto a canvas is an interesting challenge. Thinking about how I wanted to proceed with this challenge I eventually decided to focus on the album's underlying narrative and represent it in the form of rather disparate pictures but tied together through reoccurring images and motives.

Seeing the music coming together with the pictures on this website was very enjoyable. I also think the variation in the visual styles of the images made more sense when taking into consideration the variety of the songs. Above all I am impressed by Peter and Fredrik's hard work in putting this album together and very proud to be a small part of this enterprise."

//Fabian Waldner