Peter Olsson. Born in Sweden, 1988. Pianist, composer and producer.

Over the top TV

Ocean TV

Hidden passage TV Video game

I live down here TV Video game

Barrier skip TV Video game

Crimes across the moon Video game

Eddy's workshop Video game

Insert coin Video game

Zap wickity ruckus Video game

Joe's fuel'n'fly Video game

Take your time Easy listening

Imagine 関西 Easy listening

Nice to be in orbit Easy listening

Tropical climate in the control room Easy listening

Yam bong Easy listening

Mega Electronic funk

Rock paper funk take off Electronic funk

Trust relax autopilotElectronic funk

I love you bad boi Electronic funk

Don't worry we got warp speed Electronic funk

Guilty pleasure Electronic funk

Brickhead karma Pop

A truth Pop

G.Y.M. Pop

I don't wanna talk Pop

I should have known Pop

Long gone Pop

Mr. Useless Pop

Shapeshifter Pop

Broken Groove

Broken Groove is Peter Olsson. Born in Jämtland, Sweden in 1988. Started playing piano at the age of 14. In 2009 he moved to Norway and studied classical piano at NTNU, Trondheim. Makes and plays music stretching across many genres such as classical, jazz, funk, pop and electronic.